What could be more convenient and maintenance free than windows with built in blinds. Fully automated integrated blinds controlled magnetically and electronically. We offer this for fixed rooflights, Integral blinds in UPVC, Integral blinds in timber frames & Integral blinds in aluminium, offering you complete privacy in your home. 

Ten-Year Warranty
Under 24-Hours to receive a quote
We Supply, Deliver & Install across the UK
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Fixed rooflight is an integral blind within a high performance insulated glazed unit. A fully automated integral blind operated via a wall switch and remote control. This allows the end-user to open or close the blind at the flick or a switch or the press of a button. In order to provide privacy and to control the flow of natural daylight inside the property. But when the blind is fully closed it is non-visible and completely secure behind a ceramic surround. This gives the fixed rooflight a normal look as the blind is fully sealed behind the unit, giving the fixed rooflight a unique touch. 

The fixed rooflight comes with a 5-year warranty and is manufactured to the highest level of performance. This is done with a laminated soft coat inner pane, warm edge spacer and 6mm tough outer-pane. Flat fixed rooflights are argon filled as standard, achieving U-values as low as 1.0 W/m2K. All IGUs also feature Enduro-Shield easy-clean surface coating technology as standard. So In addition to our standard units, we can also supply triple glazed IGUs & 33mm walk-on-glass. skylights


We offer an industry leading range of manual and automatic skylight windows UK as well as integral blinds. Integral blinds are hermetically sealed within double and triple glazed units, providing a contemporary alternative to venetian blinds. This is a product that provides the highest levels of energy efficiency, with guaranteed through-life performance. Its an IGU that delivers much, much, more also, coming with a 10- year warranty. 

We are a specialist supplier of windows with built in blinds UK and fixed rooflights. Firstly, It means we take care of our integral blinds and take care of our customers. Secondly, because of the special care we take of our integral blinds this has allowed to become perfect at what we do. Thirdly, this means in return our customers are exceptionally pleased with the windows with built in blinds UK they have been supplied.  

Windows with Built In Blinds UK

A relevant & common question asked by all customers is how the installation of our products work. We can use your existing frames, you do not need to have new frames for us to fit Integral blinds. Windows with built in blinds can be fitted into 24mm with 16mm cavity or 28mm windows 20mm cavity, whether that be UPVC or aluminium.

In addition to this please ensure your windows are internally beaded. What we mean by internally beaded is, we need to be able to install the windows from inside the home. Windows with built in blinds are a fantastic addition to any modern home. Because they are maintenance free and Installed super efficiently scheduled around the customers needs. 

Fixed Rooflights UK 

The easy-to-install fixed rooflight with built in blinds can be fitted the same way as a aluminium skylight. So this essentially means it is a fix to a suitable up-stand and internal plaster boarding. The concertina skylight window blind is powered by an individual transformer. so therefore, it can be built into the wall mounted switch. So when adding another fixed rooflight ensure the curb is in place for the new flat glass rooflight to fit onto. 


fixed rooflight

  • Fixed rooflight with built in blinds are almost effortless for the end-user
  • The fixed rooflight is dust free, hygienic & maintenance free
  • Regulate your energy costs
  • Gives a unique touch to any home
  • Design & aesthetics of the skylight is flawless
  • Fixed rooflight with built in blinds gives you complete control of your privacy
  • Many colour options for both the fixed rooflight & windows with built in blinds UK
  • Fully retractable blind for full view
  • Fixed rooflight with built in blinds have a 5-year warranty


  • High performance blinds & latest magnet technology 
  • Windows with built in blinds have a 10-year warranty
  • Integral blinds offer complete privacy 
  • Integral blinds have many colour options
  • Ideal product for the Kitchen, Bathroom & Living room area
  • Integral blinds can not be damaged or tampered with.
  • Windows with built in blinds also offer a safeguard from pets & children
  • Two magnets one to lower & raise & one to tilt the blind

Upgrade your home with Windows with Built In Blinds that will last a life time. Completely secure from pets, children & day to day activities, unlike conventional blinds.


The fixed rooflight with built in blinds are manufactured to the highest quality. Firstly, this is because the aluminium fixed rooflights comes with industry leading expertise to create a truly unique automatic system. Secondly, it delivers an ultra slim sightlines and a flawless design to your home. 

The flat fixed rooflight has full flexibility allowing the blind to be fully retracted giving the same appearance as a normal standard aluminium rooflight. Essentially it gives you unmitigated control, making it all the more special and relevant to a home. The flat fixed rooflight and its built in blind is a truly unique, innovative creation. This means it has only recently been manufactured therefore, you could consider it a new industry product.

flat roof skylight
Windows with blinds inside

The windows with built in blinds can come magnetically controlled, which is arguably the most popular Integral blind across the industry. The integral blinds are controlled by two discrete controls, one to raise and lower the Integral blind. The other to tilt the blinds, all operated by hand. So essentially it is an effortless system, which is why Integral blinds have become so popular within modern homes. However, this is down to extensive research that investigates magnet technology preventing stiffness and strain to the mechanisms. 

Overall Integral blinds are becoming an industry leading product in modern homes and commercial properties to. Because of the the benefit it provides to the end-user, this is why it has become so popular. The end-benefit being the lack of maintenance the blinds actually need. So essentially it is a product you can find confidence in based on the above-mentioned, its warranty and ease of use. Also backed up by the fact we test our windows with built in blinds over 10,000 times. To ensure it reaches manufacturing standards, which is why Integral blinds that come from us, come with a 10-Year Warranty.

When assessing windows with built in blinds and the motorised feature. We can guarantee the Integral blind to be that effortless you will feel privileged to have such a product in your hands. In reality, you will have a control to operate the windows with built in blinds. One button to control the raise and lowering of the blinds and another to tilt. 

This is operated by a battery unit that sits on the face of the glass. So essentially, this means an out-of-view wire which is connected to the battery. And will allow you to control your blinds from the comfort of your sofa. In addition, we have a hard wired system, powered with an out-of-view wire that connects to a control box. This can be situated anywhere in the room to control your windows with built in blinds. All operated by five buttons on the control box operating up to five different windows with built in blinds.

windows with built in blinds

Blinds Inside Windows

Bifold doors with Integral Blinds.

Integral Blinds can be integrated into many different frames including bifold doors with integral blinds. Firstly, Integral blinds are becoming increasingly more popular when considering bifold doors this is because of convenience. The convenience integral blinds offer are priceless when considering the natural daylight that enters your home. 

Therefore, blinds inside windows make sense when considering bifold doors, as you ultimately control the natural flow of daylight. Secondly, you do not have to remove any frames, you can insert blinds inside window frame. Making the process that little bit easier when having in glass blinds.  

Blinds Inside window frame (Patio Doors).

Blinds inside windows have became a must have when considering patio doors. The reason for this is because, on average each household has around 2 children and a pet. With this being taken into consideration, patio doors are essentially being used considerably. Furthermore, they have conventional blinds meaning, blinds are on the outside of the glass and are open to the elements. 

Moreover, the blinds then are easily destroyed and become degraded over time. Therefore, blinds inside windows have became increasingly recognised to solve this issue. Helping households to complete everyday activities with a bit more ease due to integral blinds.

Blinds within windows.

Blinds within windows are essentially one of the most convenient products to have in many households. This is because many homes have curtains or conventional blinds that will always need attention and care. But when you consider blinds within windows, they have zero maintenance and are forever convenient. 

For this reason blinds inside windows have received credible attention and each year sales have increased. Which would suggest Integral blinds are going in the right direction based on solving many customers problems. 

Bifold doors with Integral Blinds

We have noticed when customers purchase Integral blinds, they are normally looking to replace their existing glass from their bifold doors. This has allowed us to understand customer behaviour which alternatively has helped us to accommodate for future customers. When they are considering purchasing bifold doors with integral blinds for their home. Firstly, customers require blinds inside the glass for bifold doors because, they are a huge convenience. Secondly, Integral blinds can not be tampered with which explains why they are such a vital convenience. Thirdly, they are becoming hugely popular in todays market because of the modern look they give a home. Moreover, the maintenance free and hygienic attributes the blinds offer, has been recognised afar when considering general health and covid-19. 

For more information please visit our Integral blinds blog.

Blinds within windows

It is essential we understand our customers needs, which is why we supply, deliver & Install. Integral blinds in patio doors, Integral blinds within windows and integral blinds for bifold doors, making us a leading supplier. Furthermore, we supply across the UK whilst working with customers and ensuring close relationships with trade. This is to ensure our Integral blinds are recognised throughout the UK, for being at the highest industry standard. We accommodate Integral blinds in bi-folding doors because as previously mentioned, the convenience they offer solve a household problem. The same thing can be said for patio doors with integral blinds, as they relieve stress from household owners. Who have pets that are being let out into the garden on a regular basis as well as children. Additionally, this task becomes heightened in the summer, giving homeowners all the more reason to be interested in blinds inside windows

For more information please visit our Integral blinds blog.

Colour Options

Windows with built in blinds also referred to as integral blinds are made up of various components. Essentially the components being, the slats, frame, side profile to the right & left hand side of the slat and a head rail. The head rail being situated at the top of the integral blind. 

When agreeing on measurements and costing’s you are then ready to select your colour for your new Integral blinds. available in 10 colours which can be seen via the slide show appearance below. Furthermore, you can choose to have a colour contrast for example, your integral blinds can be a different colour to your controls. So essentially, you can choose to have the frame Anthracite Grey and the slats to be White, all dependant on preference.

  • 101-White, 102-Black, 103-Silver ,104-Light Brown, 105-Dark Brown, 106-Grey, 107-Rose Gold, 108– Cream & 109-Anthracite Grey. Slat & Frame colours excluding 107 for frames
Integral blinds colour options

Integral Blinds Colour Options

 Blinds in glass are made up of various components such as, slats, the frame, side profiles and the head rail, located at the top of the integral blind.  Available and ready in 9 different colours,  allowing your windows to match your home internally and externally. You also have the option to colour contrast your windows with built in blinds for example, you can choose to have the framing grey and the integral blinds white. Helping you to put your home in order and a greater freedom to create the perfect integral blind.

Nonetheless, at skylight integral blinds we can guarantee to have your favourite colour options available when you are looking to upgrade your home with something special. With 9 different colour options for windows with blinds inside and 3 standard colours for our flat roof skylights.

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101 – White, 102 – Black, 103 – Silver, 104 – Light Brown, 105 – Dark brown, 106 – Grey, 107 – Anthracite Grey, 108 – Rose Gold, 109 – Cream.

Why choose us?

Windows with Built in Blinds UK & Flat Fixed Rooflight.

Skylight Window

Flat Fixed Rooflight UK

The fixed rooflight is a product that is guaranteed to turn heads in your home. When we supply you the skylight window it has a 5-Year warranty and a lifetime full of satisfaction. Because they are made to measure it is important that the information provided is correct. Firstly, it is essential exists or has been built so we can install the flat fixed rooflight. This means the unit can be sealed and placed on the curb straight the way without no major waiting time. 

Secondly, once this has took place we will be installing a wall mounted switch that is connected to the fixed rooflight. In addition to this, when the flat fixed rooflight is installed it will require either a crane or man power to reach its destination at height. A skylight can weigh more than 100-kg  therefore, it is vital the location is discussed beforehand.

Windows with Built In Blinds UK

When we supply you our Integral blinds we guarantee a 10-year warranty. This is because before the product is released it is tested over 10,000 times. In addition, we want to provide our customers with full satisfaction therefore, it is vital we test our products in this way. Nevertheless, once you have been introduced to the product and our team has provided a quote, the unit will then be made. Lastly before the product is manufactured we will request payment as it is made to measure.

Moreover, when the windows with built in blinds are ready we will deliver and install if that is the request of the customer. And we supply, deliver and install across the UK. Alternatively, it can be ordered on a supply-only basis if you do not require installation. And when the units are being made we will then keep in constant contact with you throughout the process. 

When the window is ready we will set a date with yourself to come out and Install the product. Overall, windows with built in blinds is a product that speaks for itself.  Which is increasingly becoming more and more popular.  This is because we are finding most of our customer do not want to be dealing with conventional blinds that break over a short period of time. As well as other reasons such as children and pets, both of which can tamper with conventional blinds.

Windows with Built In Blinds

We Supply, Deliver & Install

So as it says above we can supply, deliver & install your product across the UK. And in return we expect from you is height and width measurements.  Furthermore, we will need your colour preferences, design and a scheduled date to have your windows with built in blinds installed. Moreover, because we have leading industry experience this allows us to carry out the job super efficient.  Essentially meaning the process form start to finish will be hassle free. Which leaves you to wait in excitement for your new blinds in glass.

Keep your existing frames

Many customers are not aware that when they purchase skylight windows or Integral blinds. Customers do not have to remove their current frames or curb for installation. However, if you would like to remove your frames as part of the process that is fantastic we can help. So essentially we take your existing glass out and replace them with our windows with built in blinds. In addition, if you are requesting new frames as part of the process to revamp your home. Please ensure you have have Height x Width measurements available for both frames and windows.  

Skylight Integral Blinds

Please check our latest Blog Post which will answer many questions that you may have if you are considering purchasing Integral Blinds or Fixed Rooflights with us. Or considering purchasing windows with built in blinds in general, we have the answers for you.

Skylight Integral Blinds

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