Windows with Built in Blinds

Integral Blinds for Bi-Folding Doors, Windows & Skylights

Windows with Built in Blinds Perfect for all UPVc, Aluminium & Timber Windows, Doors & Rooflights

 Fixed Flat Rooflight (Integral Blind Optional)

Windows with Built in Blinds

(Magnetic & Motorised)


Windows with built in blinds, also known as Integral Blinds are not your conventional blinds which hang outside the glass and gather dust. Integral blinds are hermetically sealed between either a double pain of glass or triple which secures the blind from being tampered with. We have two forms of integrated blinds which are available, the first being a magnetic system & the second is an electrically operated system.

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  • We only replace the glass, we do not need to remove the existing framework.
  • If you require frames to be located as part of your project with us, we can absolutely help you with this.
  • Existing glass can be taken away after installation has occurred for a small fee, please reference this requirement via the quote form. 
  • 10-year warranty for windows & 5-year warranties for skylights.
  • What we require? close to accurate measurements from bead to bead, W x H. 
  • Unit Cavity 28mm/24mm, Magnet location & your chosen unique colours to suit your home. 

FIXED ROOFLIGHT & Integrated blind

Fixed rooflight is an integral blind within a high performance insulated glazed unit. A fully automated integral blind operated via a wall switch and remote control. This allows the end-user to open or close the blind at the flick or a switch or the press of a button. In order to provide privacy and to control the flow of natural daylight inside the property. But when the blind is fully closed it is non-visible and completely secure behind a ceramic surround. This gives the fixed rooflight a normal look as the blind is fully sealed behind the unit, giving the fixed rooflight a unique touch. 

The fixed rooflight comes with a 5-year warranty and is manufactured to the highest level of performance. This is done with a laminated soft coat inner pane, warm edge spacer and 6mm tough outer-pane. Flat fixed rooflights are argon filled as standard, achieving U-values as low as 1.0 W/m2K. All IGUs also feature Enduro-Shield easy-clean surface coating technology as standard. So In addition to our standard units, we can also supply triple glazed IGUs & 33mm walk-on-glass. skylights


We offer an industry leading range of manual and automatic skylight windows UK as well as integral blinds. Integral blinds are hermetically sealed within double and triple glazed units, providing a contemporary alternative to venetian blinds. This is a product that provides the highest levels of energy efficiency, with guaranteed through-life performance. Its an IGU that delivers much, much, more also, coming with a 10- year warranty. 

We are a specialist supplier of windows with built in blinds UK and fixed rooflights. Firstly, It means we take care of our integral blinds and take care of our customers. Secondly, because of the special care we take of our integral blinds this has allowed to become perfect at what we do. Thirdly, this means in return our customers are exceptionally pleased with the windows with built in blinds UK they have been supplied.  

MOTORISED operated integral blinds

The motorised integral blind offers complete ease of use, with a click of a button your electrically operated blinds will lower and raise on your demand. Especially helpful if you are continually raising and lowering manual blinds which can be demanding and sometimes awkward to operate as they age. 

The motorised window unit is operated by a battery unit that sits on the face of the glass connected to an out of view wire controlling a specific amount of window units. We also have a hard wired system that is essentially a control box which allows for up to five different windows with built in blinds to be controlled. The control box can be situated anywhere within your room as there will be an out of view wire just like our motorised system

fixed rooflight BENEFITS

  • Fixed rooflight with built in blinds are almost effortless for the end-user
  • The fixed rooflight is dust free, hygienic & maintenance free
  • Regulate your energy costs
  • Gives a unique touch to any home
  • Design & aesthetics of the skylight is flawless
  • Fixed rooflight with built in blinds gives you complete control of your privacy
  • Many colour options for both the fixed rooflight & windows with built in blinds UK
  • Fully retractable blind for full view
  • Fixed rooflight with built in blinds have a 5-year warranty


  • High performance blinds & latest magnet technology 
  • Windows with built in blinds have a 10-year warranty
  • Integral blinds offer complete privacy 
  • Integral blinds have many colour options
  • Ideal product for the Kitchen, Bathroom & Living room area
  • Integral blinds can not be damaged or tampered with.
  • Windows with built in blinds also offer a safeguard from pets & children
  • Two magnets one to lower & raise & one to tilt the blind
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