Fully automated intergrated rooflight blinds & integral blinds both giving you complete control manually and automatically of when you view the world


5-year guarantee on our skylight Integral blinds

10-year guarantee with our integral blinds


5-7 working days lead time on skylights

15-20 working days on integral blinds


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Skylight integral blinds is a skylight with a integral blind in the glass that provides more for less with an effortless integrated system giving yourself control of your privacy and shade remotely, the smart step for a product which is installed at height. This product is a unique addition to the industry and the UK, making it all the more special to the end user

Integral blinds

Integral blinds often referred to as blinds in-between glass which can be operated magnetically or electrically, both integral blinds being easily inserted into your existing window or door frames. Also supplying window frames in uPVC, timber or aluminium

A relevant and common question asked by all customers is how the installation of our products work, which can be answered first with the integral blinds. The integral blind can be used in any frame that can fit a 24MM glass unit or above.

The easy-to-install rooflight is fitted the same way a aluminium rooflight system, with a fix to a suitable upstand and internal plaster boarding. The concertina blind is powered by an individual transformer built into the wall mounted switch


  • Effortless to the end-user
  • Dust free, hygienic and maintenance free
  • Regulate your energy costs
  • Gives a unique touch to any home, in any room
  • Design and aesthetics
  • You control the light and privacy with the integrated blind
  • Colour options
  • Full retractable blind for full view
  • Windows with built in blinds have a 5-year warranty


  • High performance blinds and latest magnet technology 
  • Windows with built in blinds have a 10-year warranty
  • Integral blinds offer privacy when needed
  • Colour options
  • Ideal in rooms where blinds can not get dirty such as, kitchens or bathrooms
  • Integral blinds can not be damaged or touched
  • Safe from pets and children
  • Flawless operating system

Effortless for the end-user allowing the opportunity to control shade and privacy, the logical step to make your house a home


In this aluminium rooflight we have applied industry leading expertise to create a truly unique automatic system which delivers ultra slim sightlines and an excellent design flexibility allowing the blind to be fully retracted giving the same appearance as a normal standard aluminium rooflight. This rooflight essentially giving the consumer unmitigated control making the rooflight all the more special and relevant to a home

Motorised Skylight
windows with built in blinds

Magnetic blinds are the most popular integral blind across the industry, controlled by two discrete controls, one to raise and lower the integral blind and one to tilt the blind both being operated by hand. A very effortless integral blind which benefits the end-user as we have the latest magnet technology preventing stiffness, allowing less strain to the mechanisms overall improving the end-user experience which is why we guarantee a 10 year warranty!

Motorised integral blinds are the most  modern product which is operated by a press of a button one to raise and lower the integral blind and one to tilt operated by a battery unit that sits on the face of the glass with a out-of-view wire which is connected to the battery, with your blinds being controlled from the comfort of your sofa. We also have a hard wired system which is powered with an out-of-view wire that connect to a control box which can be situated anywhere in the room, operated by 5 buttons on the control box operating up to 5 blinds

Blinds inside glass

An integral blind is made up various components such as, slats, the frame, side profile to the right and left hand side of the slat as well as the head rail at the top of the integral blind. Our integral blind slats are available and ready in 10 colours which can be seen via the slide show appearance below. Also, you can choose to have a colour contrast which can be popular for example, you can choose to have the frame Anthracite Grey and the slats to be White, all depending on preference 

  • 101-White, 102-Black, 103-Silver ,104-Light Brown, 105-Dark Brown, 106-Grey, 107-Rose Gold, 108– Cream & 109-Anthracite Grey. Slat & Frame colours excluding 107 for frames.
Windows with built in blinds


Skylight integral blinds have slats in 10 available colours and we have 9 different colour options for the frame of the integral blind. Including White, Grey, Silver & Light Brown. Request a swatch with us.

Integral Blinds Sample Unit

Integral Blinds are essential windows with built in blinds which are enclosed between two glass units or as you know it double glazing, the Integral blind coming in two systems which are the motorised system & the magnetic system. The magnetic system as you can see from the sample unit video is controlled with two mechanisms, one to raise & lower the blinds and one to tilt the blinds to a required position. The integral blind size required are as follows 

  •  24 Unit thickness & 16:mm Cavity
  • 28 Unit thickness & 20:mm Cavity
See Limitations regarding sizes below. 
  •  All units below 350:mm Height are tilt action only
  •  All blinds over 350:mm Height are lift and tilt action as standard
  •  Size limitations up to 1700:mm Height 
  • We supply double and single blinds.
Skylight Integral Blinds

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