5 Surprising Benefits of Integral Blinds Inside Glass

5 Surprising Benefits of Integral Blinds

When it comes to revamping your home, integral blinds can really refine your interior design. From lighting to security, integral blinds can give your home a sharp, minimalist edge, allowing you to really turn it into the space you’ve always dreamt of. That’s exactly why we’ve put together a quick list of five of the most surprising benefits of integral blinds that you can expect when getting them installed in your home.

Boost the Light in Your Home with Integral Blinds

When it comes to really getting as much beautiful natural light flooding your home as possible, you can’t go too far wrong with these kinds of blinds. Essentially minimising the amount of space you need to waste on curtains or external blinds. They also leave more room for the sun to come streaming in.

Declutter Your Space

Curtains and traditional blinds are all well and good, but they absolutely take up room and clutter a space. If you want sharp, clean lines around your windows, a true blank for you to imprint your interior design ideas upon, you want the neater option, integral blinds. Compared to bulky curtains, they’ll always be the minimalist option.

Easily Keep Things Cleaner

Blinds and shades need regular dusting. Curtains fully require taking down and washing regularly. Otherwise, you’re going to be dealing with dust and grime issues in the home. Not only do these look and smell worse, but they’re also problematic for anyone with allergies. Integral blinds are perfect for people wanting to keep a cleaner home with less effort spent doing it. The whole mechanism is encapsulated in the frame, meaning no finicky parts to catch dust and require cleaning. This makes for much simpler home care in the long run, and a cleaner, healthier space.

Increase Home Security

Compared to many traditional window and blind setups, integral blinds are much harder to meddle with, meaning you can expect improved home security when you have them installed. We all worry about the security of our homes. Knowing that everything is as safe and secure as possible is only ever going to be a good thing. Refine your home security with integral blinds, and trust that your doors and windows are as solid as they can be.

Perfect Privacy with Integral Blinds

Lastly, you’ve got the perfect privacy integral blinds provide. By giving you complete coverage of the window, you can completely trust your home’s privacy. No gaps, no spaces as you might have with curtains and traditional blinds. Just complete privacy that you can absolutely count on. Privacy is an essential part of being able to relax in the home, and not only do they prevent being looked in on, the double and triple glazed design can also reduce noise from nearby roads, which is valuable. This makes them perfect for building your own private little oasis. Away from the outside world, and really, that’s what we all want from our homes

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