Plan the Perfect Kitchen Renovation Makeover

Plan the Perfect Kitchen Renovation Makeover

People are always saying that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and it’s true. This is where we gather to cook, often eat, and it’s a space we spend a lot of time together, every single day. That’s exactly why when designing your new kitchen renovation makeover, you should be thinking about a whole range of different aspects, functional, aesthetic and practical. Here’s how to get started planning the perfect kitchen renovation.

The Five Key Questions When Planning a Kitchen Renovation Makeover

When it comes to refining and drilling into your ideas for your kitchen renovation, it’s vital to consider the following questions. These allow you to really evaluate different elements of what you like, hate and expect from your kitchen, and by really digging into them, you can expect to end up with the kind of kitchen you’ll really love.

  • How will your kitchen be used?
  • What don’t you like about your kitchen right now?
  • Modern, traditional or somewhere in between?
  • What are the priority items?
  • What would be nice to have?

Budgeting is Very Important

Once you’ve got some ideas for your tastes and expectations, you have to come up with some kind of budget limitations, you can start building a thorough plan, and scaling things appropriately. Larger renovation projects can often run over budget too. That’s why it’s important to calculate in 15% or so cushion within the budget.

Plumbing and Heating

It’s always useful to consider the important aspects before other parts of the layout. In this case, the plumbing and heating. Deciding where the sink and radiators are going to go is vital. Are you going to have underfloor heating? How will all this interact with the way you use the space?

Lighting is Always Key for a Kitchen Renovation Makeover

The quality of the light, both natural and electric, can make or break an indoor space. That’s why it’s so important to think about the way everything is going to interact. Making use of minimalist integral blinds could keep clutter to a minimum. Especially combined with quality lighting installation and a mirror. Whatever you end up doing, it’s absolutely vital to give the lighting within the space proper consideration.

Mood Boards Can Really Help Refine Your Ideas

When it comes to actually starting to visualise what you want from your kitchen renovation makeover, getting a mood board of images together can be vital. Designing your new kitchen needn’t be this big overwhelming project, but rather a steady development of ideas, thinking about what you like, don’t like and need in a kitchen, and building that collection of ideas, while researching potential alternatives and other approaches.

There’s a lot that can go into making the perfect kitchen. If you don’t properly take the time to dig into the ideas of what you want and expect, you can end up with something that doesn’t quite suit your tastes or needs. That’s why everybody should always be putting together mood boards for these kinds of projects!

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