See skylights & Integral blinds frequently asked questions which will assist you with any question you have for the installation of integral blinds or skylight integral blinds.


5-year guarantee on our skylights

10-year guarantee with our integral blinds


5-7 working days lead time on skylights

15-20 working days on integral blinds


We measure, deliver & install

UK-Wide delivery


Skylight integral blinds will always provide documents to support your 10 year guarantee and your invoice receipt regarding your purchase


At skylight integral blinds we will ensure installation is provided as our team have many years of experience.


Skylights & Integral Blinds will provide a free measurement survey to obtain accurate glass sizes across the UK


The fantastic benefit of our integral blinds is that they are maintenance free as the blinds are sealed between two glass units. Therefore, the integral blind can be cleaned just like any other window

Our lead time for our integral blinds is estimated at 10-15 days once the quotation has been accepted whereas the rooflights can be 5-7 working days

With our magnetic system the integral blinds are operated with two controls located on the perimeter of the glass, one which controls the tilt of the integral blind & one which raises and lowers the blind. The motorised integral blinds are operational with a control and control box again controlling the tilt, raise and lowering of the blind

Our slats are available in 10 colours; white, black, silver, grey, light brown, dark brown, cream, rose gold, anthracite grey and a dual colour which is white on the inside, and anthracite grey on the outside. The frame of the integral blind is available in 8 colours; white, silver, grey, light brown, dark brown, cream, black and anthracite grey.

Aluminium frames available as standard in white, grey and black with a matching ceramic painted edge & retractable blind supplied in white

Yes we do, we supply and install window frames and doors, as well as bi-folding door frames. We supply aluminium, uPVC and Timber

Whichever glass you desire, although the inner pane should not be thicker than 6mm. We can supply integral blinds using fire-rated and acoustic glass, and we can also supply integral blinds using self-cleaning glass and solar control glass. Contact our friendly team today for more details. As standard, our integral blinds are 28mm in thickness, with a specification of 4mm toughened glass with Planitherm Total + – 20mm cavity – 4mm toughened glass.

Comprises of : 6mm Tough (outer pane) x 32mm Warm edge cavity x 6.4mm Laminated Low E (inner pane) with argon gas filled cavity, the outer pane in coated with Enduro-Shield nonstick coating making the external surface easier to clean.

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