About us

Skylights & windows with built in blinds we are a leading supplier of both, with a dedicated service and product that exceeds customers expectations based on usability, appearance and durability

About us

Skylight integral blinds is a leading supplier of rooflights and integral blinds offering not only a high standard service but also products which come with over 50 years worth of expertise making us a leading business within our industry. 

We are a recognised team that supplies Skylight & windows with built in blinds to the highest possible standard which can not only be reflected through our product but also the guarantee behind it.

Integral Blinds come with 10 years warranty, double the industry standard

Our integral blinds are not only manufactured to perfection but also come with a huge 10 year warranty which is double the industry standard making us a leading business when supplying integral blinds. Due to this guarantee we have had upmost success not only in trade but also commercially helping us to be recognised for our work when supplying integral blinds and Flat roof skylights.

Flat Roof Skylight

A UK First, our Flat Roof Skylights come with an integrated blind which is operated with a click of a button, the logical step for when a product is installed at height, this coming with a 5 year warranty giving you all the peace of mind needed. 

Operated via a wall mounted switch and remote control, it allows you to control your shade and privacy at any given time allowing you to be in charge of the natural daylight that enters your home. 

When the blind is fully open the blind will disappear behind a ceramic surround. This Flat roof skylight is easy to operate, suitable for a new build or retro fit, dust free, hygienic, maintenance free and can be installed with walk on triple glazed glass at 33mm.

Why choose us?

The team behind Skylight Integral Blinds has over more than 50 years of experience, more perhaps than anyone else. From the word go we have been working hard to provide a system far superior than anyone in the current industry today which can be seen in the design and aesthetics, durability, functionality, trade and commercial satisfaction. 

This has been possible because we have analysed the industry and the current systems being supplied, which has allowed our manufactures to supply leading Flat roof skylights and integral blinds, getting mechanically tested over 10,000 times which is why we have fantastic warranties with our product

Skylight Integral Blinds


Our Flat Roof Skylights with blinds have a excellent lead time of 5-7 days. Our integral blinds have a lead time of 10-15 days


At Skylight Integral Blinds we aim to deliver and install across the UK when needed


The Flat Roof Skylights which we supply come with 3 industry colours whereas, our integral blinds have 10 fantastic colour options

Skylight Integral Blinds

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