• We only replace the glass, we do not need to remove the existing framework.
  • If you require frames to be located as part of your project with us, we can absolutely help you with this.
  • Existing glass can be taken away after installation has occurred for a small fee, please reference this requirement via the quote form. 
  • 10-year warranty for windows  & 5-year warranties for skylights.
  • What we require? close to accurate measurements from bead to bead, W x H. 
  • Unit Cavity 28mm/24mm, Magnet location & your chosen unique colours to suit your home. 

FIXED ROOFLIGHT & Integrated blind

Fixed Flat Roof rooflight is an integral blind within a high performance insulated glazed unit. A fully automated integral blind operated via a wall switch and remote control. This allows the end-user to open or close the blind at the flick or a switch or the press of a button. In order to provide privacy and to control the flow of natural daylight inside the property. But when the blind is fully closed it is non-visible and completely secure behind a ceramic surround. This gives the fixed rooflight a normal look as the blind is fully sealed behind the unit, giving the fixed rooflight a unique touch. 

The fixed rooflight comes with a 5-year warranty and is manufacture to the highest level of performance. This  done with a laminated soft coat inner pane, warm edge spacer and 6mm tough outer-pane. Flat fixed rooflights are argon filled as standard, achieving U-values as low as 1.0 W/m2K. All IGUs also feature Enduro-Shield easy-clean surface coating technology as standard. So In addition to our standard units, we can also supply triple glazed IGUs & 33mm walk-on-glass. skylights

fixed rooflight BENEFITS

  • Fixed rooflight with built in blinds are almost effortless for the end-user
  • The fixed rooflight is dust free, hygienic & maintenance free
  • Regulate your energy costs
  • Gives a unique touch to any home
  • Design & aesthetics of the skylight is flawless
  • Fixed rooflight with built in blinds gives you complete control of your privacy
  • Many colour options for both the fixed rooflight & windows with built in blinds UK
  • Fully retractable blind for full view
  • Fixed rooflight with built in blinds have a 5-year warranty

flat fixed rooflight windows installation

  • Comprises of : 6mm Tough (outer pane) x 32mm Warm edge cavity x 6.4mm Laminated Low E (inner pane) with argon gas filled cavity, the outer pane in coated with Enduro-Shield nonstick coating making the external surface easier to clean

    The easy-to-install Fixed Flat Roof Skylight is fit the same way a aluminium roof light system, with a fix to a suitable up-stand and internal plaster boarding. The concertina blind is power by an individual transformer built into the wall mounted switch. As previously mentioned if you have an existing flat roof skylight we can essentially land the new flat rooflight on top and seal the unit. 

    Please see FAQ’s for more information


Windows with Built in Blinds & Flat Roof Skylight

Skylight with Built In Blinds

Flat roof Skylight

The Fixed Flat Roof skylight is a product that is guaranteed to turn heads in your home. When we supply you this product it comes with a 5-Year warranty and a lifetime full of satisfaction. When accepting the quote given we will then begin to create the unit. Once created please ensure you have a curb in place so therefore, the skylight can be place on top of the curb & sealed. Secondly, the wall mounted switch that connected to the skylight will be install in specified location. Furthermore, for installation purposes some flat roof skylights may require a crane or man power of a considerable number, dependant on the location.

When we provide you with our windows with built-in blinds, we guarantee a 10-year warranty, as it is tested more than 10,000 times before the product is released. Once you are introduced to the product and our team has provided a quote with which you want to move forward the units will begin to form. The fact that they are designed to measure windows in blinds is essential at the beginning of the payment process.

 In addition, when the windows with built in blinds are ready we will deliver & install if that is the request of the customer, alternatively it can be supply-only. We will then keep in constant contact with yourself with 24 hours 7 days a week contact with you until your product is ready, then we will set a date with yourself to come out & Install the product. When assessing the windows with built in blinds, the product honestly speaks for itself due to the ease, maintenance free, highly manufactured, excellent aesthetics & the customer service we provide on top. 

Windows with Built In Blinds

We Supply, Deliver & Install

As it says above we can operate on a supply only basis or we can do all three supply, deliver & install your product across the UK for you at the ease of providing us a few measurements, colour options, design & a scheduled date you could have these windows with built in blinds in your home in a matter of weeks. Our team having industry leading experience allowing us to carry out the job in an efficient & professional manner while you can enjoy the rest of your day leaving us to take care of the windows with built in blinds. 

Keep your existing frames

Many customers are not aware that when they purchase windows with built in blinds or known as integral blinds that they do not have to remove their current frames for this process to occur. However, if you would like to remove your frames as part of the process that is fantastic we can help. Nevertheless, we take your existing glass out and replace them with our Fixed Flat Roof windows with built in blinds & it is as easy as that. In addition, if you are requesting new frames as part of the process to revamp your home please ensure you have have Height x Width measurements available for both frames and windows with built in blinds. 

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