Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy was last updated on the (24/05/2022)

The privacy policy outlines our policies and procedures on the collection of information,  when using the website for services. We use personal data to provide and improve the service available to our customers.  By using the service you agree to the collection of information in accordance to the privacy policy and laws. 

For the purposes of this privacy policy:

“Free Quote”  This is used to gauge an idea of the customers wants and needs behind their current project, to which we offer services to assist the customer. 

“Business” TDPA an act of 2018 which declares each individual business is responsible for (GDPR) general data protection. Everyone responsible for accessing this data has to follow strict rules called data protection principles, this ensures data is used lawfully and transparently. 

Skylight Integral Blinds (referred to either the company “we” or “us” or “our” in this agreement. (refers to company information)

Country – Refers to the United Kingdom. 

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