We have a varied colour range to suit your home. Windows with built in blinds are manufactured specifically to your needs, to help give your home the uplift it needs. We have a symmetrical system when considering the borders of the windows, which help cater for the use of the magnets to operate the blind. 


As you can see windows with built in blinds are very attractive on the eye and present great features which homeowners regards important such as, blackout features, ease of use and minimal maintenance. Which is why windows with built in blinds have done increasingly well over the years, with more non-commercial properties investing into blinds in glass. 

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Colour guidance for integral blinds

Getting the colour scheme right for your home is an exciting task but can also be just as daunting. This is why it is important for us as well as yourself to get the colour scheme correct. Items which require a colour scheme are, magnets on the window frame, borders situated on the inside of the glass and the blinds themselves. Please visit our blogs, frequently asked question or contact us if you have any questions surrounding the colour scheme for integrated blinds.

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Colour Scheme – Black (101) Brown (102) Silver (103) Light Silver (104) Anthracite Grey (105) Light Brown (106) White (107) Navy (108) Dark Blue (109) Gold (110)

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Blackout Blinds

The blinds which we manufacture are virtually blackout blinds allowing the end-uder even more privacy.


When we install windows with built in blinds we always include a guiderail to ensure your magnet travels smoothly across the face of the unit.

Symmetrical Border

Most competitors do not offer a symmetrical border with their integrated blind system. However, with our system we offer a flawless symmetrical system which allows the glass unit to look perfect.

Toughened Glass & Triple Glazing

We offer fantastic glass options to ensure you have all you need for your project ahead..

Colour Options

We have fantastic modern colour schemes to help your home look even more beautiful.

Ease of use

A common question we receive is how easy are the blinds to use? The answer is simple, the blinds are very easy to use and have minimal resistance when operating.

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