We produce the highest quality blinds in windows & flat roof skylights across the UK. We supply, deliver & install as well as offering excellent lead times. 

About us

Skylight Integral Blinds is a leading supplier of Integral blinds and flat roof skylights, based in the heart of Leicester. We are a home-grown business who believes in looking after our customers by supply them quality blinds in windows, that exceeds all expectations. Furthermore, we offer industry leading warranties which beat most competitors, giving our products further credibility from a customer perspective. The reason for this is because we test our products over 10,000 times which is equivalent to opening your blinds once everyday for 30 years.

This being the reason behind our success, as it shows are customers we have done extensive research to provide a product which delivers more than our competitors. Moreover, the fact we test our products so extensively should give customers all the more confidence to purchase their blinds with us. The last thing any customer needs is an integral blind that malfunctions in a short period of time and having to call to get it fixed. Customers want their windows with built in blinds to show class over a long duration of time by performing consistently.

Firstly, the reason we have been so consistent is because the team behind the integral blinds system has a combined experience of over 50 years. This experience comes from manufacturing and supplying Integral blinds, which has allowed us to be a leading integral blinds business with the highest combined experience. From day one the focus was to supply the highest quality system which is noticeable through the appearance, usability and convenience of the Integral blinds. Integral blinds

When outlaying this idea to our manufactures, they were able work with us and create an Integral blind that exceeded expectations. This was down to fine details such as, the components, mechanisms and the latest magnet technology of the integral blind. Which is why we offer a 10-Year warranty which is double the industry standard.

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Why choose us?

Windows with Built in Blinds & Flat roof skylight.

Skylight Window

Skylight Window

The Skylight window is a product that is guaranteed to turn heads in your home. When we supply you the skylight window it has a 5-Year warranty and a lifetime full of satisfaction. Because they are made to measure it is important that the information provided is correct. Firstly, it is essential exists or has been built so we can install the flat roof skylight. This means the unit can be sealed and placed on the curb straight the way without no major waiting time. 

Secondly, once this has took place we will be installing a wall mounted switch that is connected to the skylight. In addition to this, when the flat roof skylight is installed it will require either a crane or man power to reach its destination at height. A skylight can weigh more than 100-kg  therefore, it is vital the location is discussed beforehand.

Windows with Built In Blinds

When we supply you our Integral blinds we guarantee a 10-year warranty. This is because before the product is released it is tested over 10,000 times. In addition, we want to provide our customers with full satisfaction therefore, it is vital we test our products in this way. Nevertheless, once you have been introduced to the product and our team has provided a quote, the unit will then be made. Lastly before the product is manufactured we will request payment as it is made to measure.

Moreover, when the windows with built in blinds are ready we will deliver and install if that is the request of the customer. And we supply, deliver and install across the UK. Alternatively, it can be ordered on a supply-only basis if you do not require installation. And when the units are being made we will then keep in constant contact with you throughout the process. 

When the window is ready we will set a date with yourself to come out and Install the product. Overall, windows with built in blinds is a product that speaks for itself.  Which is increasingly becoming more and more popular.  This is because we are finding most of our customer do not want to be dealing with conventional blinds that break over a short period of time. As well as other reasons such as children and pets, both of which can tamper with conventional blinds.

Windows with Built In Blinds

We Supply, Deliver & Install

So as it says above we can supply, deliver & install your product across the UK. And in return we expect from you is height and width measurements.  Furthermore, we will need your colour preferences, design and a scheduled date to have your windows with built in blinds installed. Moreover, because we have leading industry experience this allows us to carry out the job super efficient.  Essentially meaning the process form start to finish will be hassle free. Which leaves you to wait in excitement for your new windows with built in blinds.

Keep your existing frames

Many customers are not aware that when they purchase skylight windows or Integral blinds. Customers do not have to remove their current frames or curb for installation. However, if you would like to remove your frames as part of the process that is fantastic we can help. So essentially we take your existing glass out and replace them with our windows with built in blinds. In addition, if you are requesting new frames as part of the process to revamp your home. Please ensure you have have Height x Width measurements available for both frames and windows.  


Flat Roof Skylights have a lead time of 5-7 days. Integral blinds have a lead time of 10-15 days.


At Skylight Integral Blinds we supply, deliver and install across the UK.


Over 10 fantastic colour options available for Integral Blinds & great options for our flat roof skylight to.

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