Skylight Integral Blinds

Skylight Integral Blinds was incorporated to provide customers across the UK with an enhanced and convenient user experience. We offer a wide range of tailored products to out customers, including both magnetic and electronic systems, which are in a wide-range of colours.

At Skylight Integral Blinds the customer will always come first which is why we offer excellent warranties which are in line with our product, this means the integrated blinds and unit features are tested to ensure a longevity is consistent beyond the warranty given, which is why we offer a 10-Year Warranty

The products we offer are extremely high quality and have been placed under rigorous testing procedures. to ensure they are perfect for any home owners who have pets and children, wanting more time away from cleaning conventional blinds and wanting privacy. 

We specialise in Integral blinds for windows, doors and fixed flat rooflights, offering both supply-only and installation services.

  • Perfect for Commercial & Non-Commercial properties.


Fixed flat roof windows have a lead time of 5-7 days. Integral blinds have a lead time of 15-21 days.


At Skylight Integral Blinds we supply, deliver and install across the UK.


Over 10 fantastic colour options available for Integral Blinds & great options for fixed flat roof windows.

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