Glass Options for Integral Blinds

When considering Integral blinds it is important to consider the variety of Blinds Inside Glass options you have available. Nonetheless, the glass in which you choose is dependant on the frames you have in place to accommodate the glass. For example, when considering UPVc frames which most customers have. It is important to consider the unit thickness such as, UPVc frames which accommodate 28mm cavity.

The standard 28mm units being made of 4mm toughened glass that has a inner layer of planitherm total +. Followed by 20mm cavity and another layer of toughened glass. Planitherm total + is low emissivity glass, typically designed for thermal insulation. Which also reflects heat back into your home, making your home energy efficient. As it regulated the heat your home actually intakes as well as regulating light. All of our Integral blind units come standard A-rated.

As you can appreciated we take great pride in our blinds. So when they are manufactured we want our blinds in the best glass options. Which allows us to carry this firm principle when we consider the glass.

For more glass information please see below.

Fire Rated Glass & Laminated Glass for Integral Blinds.

Fire rated glass is designed to withstand heat, flames and smoke when a fire takes place. It is manufactured with a process of various technologies such as toughening the glass. The blinds inside glass obviously being toughened to hold back the heat which is released when a fire is at its peak. Furthermore, we coat our glass to further ensure the glass is protected and is further reliable even though the units is toughened. additionally, the technologies surrounding fire rated glass are completely dependant on managing heat, which is why it acts as insulation. 

Laminated Glass is generally a glass which is classed as a safety glass. And unlike standard glass, laminated glass does not shatter when damaged. This is because, the laminated glass has a interlayer which is bonded into the glass, preventing the glass from smashing. This allows the glass to shatter into chunks because the glass will stay intact, whereas a standard unit will smash and have majority of small pieces of glass un-spottable from the eye. The primary purpose is to ensure safety in the event of one of your blinds in glass smashing. 

Triple Glazing & Acoustic Glass for Integral Blinds.

Triples glazing is essentially three glass units instead of double glazing which holds two units. Triple glazed window units with integral blinds can be used to increase thermal efficiency and helps towards noise pollution in your home. Made of 4mm toughened glass that has a inner layer of planitherm total +. Followed by 20mm and 8mm cavity and another layer of toughened glass.  Acoustic glass works exactly the same however, acoustic glass is very efficient when cancelling out noise. The glass is made up of sheets which interlayer as well as being bonded together, acting as rebound for noise. This technology allows the noise to travel through the glass but not all of it, which ensures your home stays as silent as ever from the outside world. 

Self Cleaning Glass & Solar Control Glass for Integral Blinds.

Self-cleaning glass for integral blinds is a great solution when taking into consideration windows that can not be reached. This is especially important for bi-fold doors with integral blinds, windows and doors. Self cleaning glass has a natural coating and uses natural rain and light from the sun, allowing the glass to breakdown dirt even easier. So essentially when the weather is good or bad, your windows are being self cleaned. 

Solar control glass is designed to ensure you are comfortable in your home, even when the sun is beaming. This is because solar control glass with integral blinds has been created to reflect and filter the suns UV rays. This allows the windows with blinds inside to be even more unique and also decreases the chances of any window damage. Therefore, the solar glass is created to solve customers problem when the sun is creating a problem in your household. 

What Glass can I have for my Integral Blinds. (Windows, Bifold Doors & Patio Doors)

It is important to consider the glass when deciding to replace your glass inside your home. This is because your blinds inside the glass are dependent on your framework. For example, most frameworks hold 28mm which is explained above however, some glass that is provided is released in certain millimeters. integral blinds
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