Windows with built in blinds – The Ultimate in Minimalist Interior Design

Integral Blinds – The Ultimate in Minimalist Interior Design

When it comes to designing your perfect home, everybody loves a minimalist design with a couple of homely touches, that’s always going to be one of the very best design choices you can make, and integral blinds can help. Here’s why minimalist design is so great in the home and some of the benefits to integral blinds.

Why Go Minimalist?

Minimalism has really been in vogue for the past couple of decades, barring a brief fascination with shabby chic, minimalism really does seem to match up with most modern people’s ideals as far as home and lifestyle are concerned. It’s all about that uncluttered, focused and functional home space, letting you get on with things in your life without feeling overwhelmed and challenged by the space you’re in. Minimalism is much more than just a design choice, you can spread it to every part of your life in a variety of different forms, from your work to your philosophy, minimalism has a lot of different angles and aspects to it. We’re mainly going to be focusing on its benefits in the home. However, the fact it’s such a widespread way of thinking is a pretty telling aspect of it.

Why should you go minimalist in your home? Well, if for no other reason at all, it looks fantastic! It makes for an airy, open and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for relaxing or working. Add a couple of comfy features in to avoid things looking at all cold or clinical and you’ll have a room that is ideal for all the different parts of life in the home.

Integral Blinds Are Perfect for a Minimalist Home

One major design problem in the home has always been blinds, curtains and ways of blocking windows. Unless your curtains are perfect, they can risk looking a little dated. As well as requiring maintenance and more often than not failing to fully block out light. On top of that, they physically take up space and don’t guarantee complete privacy. The same goes for blinds. They both look notably less sleek and less bespoke than a set of integral blinds.

Integral blinds are built into the structure of your windows, giving your home the sleek, neat minimalist lines that you’re looking for. All while not having to worry about losing any of the functionality of blackout blinds or curtains.

Tips for Minimalism in the Home

There are many things you can do to boost the minimalist uncluttered feel of your home. The first place we all need to start is simply getting rid of or finding a place for clutter. Call it organised chaos, call yourself creative all you like, it’s not minimalist. If you want a minimalist home, the clutter has got to go. Take a look around and have a think about what in the space is crowding things. What can you get rid of that won’t impact the functionality of the space? Mirrors can also really elevate a space, and lastly, integral blinds and big open windows can be really beautiful too.

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